why this islamic primary school in london.

Our main aim at Al-Falah is for our pupils to draw on both the Islamic curriculum and the National Curriculum to equip themselves to be morally responsible citizens who benefit from their education and contribute positively to society as respectful citizens and good ambassadors for the Islamic faith.

In order to achieve this aim, at Al-Falah we focus on the following objectives:

  • To create a safe, stimulating and welcoming environment, where pupils feel valued as part of their school community.

  • To instil in our pupils an awareness that actions have consequences and a commitment to morally informed behaviour in their daily lives.

  • To ensure that the National Curriculum and the Islamic curriculum complement each other and are mutually reinforcing, preparing pupils both for this life and the next.

  • To enable our pupils to read the Quran with Tajweed (accuracy), understanding, and memorising.

  • To instil self-discipline and self-respect in our pupils, so that they have a firm basis from which to respect others, make informed choices and fulfil their potential.

  • To ensure that all our pupils to fulfil their potential by providing personalised support enabling all of them to access the National Curriculum in a way that caters to their specific needs and learning styles.

  • Having high expectations of our pupils and supporting them in developing the self-belief so vital for reaching their goals.

  • To integrate Islamic values into our pupils’ social and moral education.

  • To provide opportunities for our pupils to participate in community activities and events, to give them a positive self-image when interacting with the wider world.